Eyes Lighting Up: 10 Years of MASS LBP


There is a mass of sense that lies in a dormant state that good government should quietly harness. - Thomas Paine

For ten years, MASS has worked to strengthen the connection between citizens and their state. Fundamentally, we believe in people, which is why we are working to see that more people have a hand in shaping the policies that shape their lives.

Thanks to the hard work of Principal and Founder Peter MacLeod, Senior Director Chris Ellis, and photographer David Pike, we created Eyes Lighting Up: 10 Years of MASS LBP.

In Eyes Lighting Up, you will find photos documenting the 34 citizens’ assemblies and reference panels we have convened across Canada, along with conferences, events, and democratic work by MASS. We’re thrilled to share it with you, and hope you enjoy Eyes Lighting Up.

View an pdf of the book here.

For a paper copy, contact Eva O’Brien at eva@masslbp.com.