Gosbee Fellowship Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gosbee Fellowship? 

The Gosbee Fellowship was established to develop new talent and perspectives for public policy leadership in Canada. 

It is named after our late co-founder, George Gosbee. Ten years ago, George, who launched two Canadian investment banks, AltaCorp and Tristone Capital, took a chance on an unusual idea that was admittedly outside the orbit of his typical investments. He believed that involving more people in politics — and specifically in policy development — would help to strengthen the country he loved. To commemorate his legacy of public policy leadership in Canada, we renamed our internship program in his honour. Gosbee Fellows are people who we predict will make important and inclusive contributions to public policy in Canada, and through this program, we invest in their potential. 

Each year, we select three Fellows who join our Toronto team for 12-16 weeks, full-time. Gosbee Fellows have the opportunity to work on a range of policy projects, acquiring new skills and sensibilities, while also having the opportunity to pursue professional interests with the support of the MASS team.

Why should I apply to be a Gosbee Fellow?

MASS LBP is staffed by smart, creative people who care deeply about the future of democracy and share a passion for better politics. Each MASS staff has a unique background and sensibility that influences our collective approach to our work. We have a broad range of skills that include strategy, communications, logistics, research, facilitation, and public programming. Gosbee Fellows embody that same ethos: they care deeply about democracy, and are smart, creative people who are willing to work hard for smarter policies and more constructive and inclusive politics. 

Due to the nature of our work, MASS LBP is impeccably non-partisan. Staff members each share and respect this ethos, as do Fellows.

Who are the Gosbee Fellows?

Every Fellow brings with them a unique skill set that complements the skills of MASS staff and brings a different perspective not always found in the world of public policy. Many Fellows have been interested in current affairs, politics, sociology, law, systems design, user experience, and, yes, public policy.

Gosbee Fellows will work in a fast-paced business environment and learn to thrive in an open workplace where people are expected to muck in, speak up, and champion their ideas while working either collaboratively or independently. Every day at MASS is different. 

Previous professional experience in similar fields is not a requirement. Fellows who do have similar professional experience will have opportunities to learn about MASS’ public consultation techniques, but often find they have already encountered some of the day-to-day tasks they are asked to perform. 

Fellows are chosen because of what they will gain from their time at MASS, not necessarily because they are the most qualified applicant.

Where is the Fellowship?

Our office is located in downtown Toronto (accessible via TTC). 

Will this lead to a job?

The Fellowship will prepare Fellows for their next step in their career, but will not lead to a position at MASS. The Fellowship is an opportunity for professional development, not step one in securing a staff position. Fellows should spend a portion of their time at MASS preparing to secure their next opportunity, with the support and encouragement of the MASS team.

Will I get paid?

Absolutely. All Fellows are placed on a 12-16 week paid contract and earn $15.00 CAD per hour. Though modest, we are committed to ensuring that all suitable candidates will be able to become Fellows. If you are selected for the Fellowship and have financial needs, we will work with you to ensure that you are able to take up this opportunity.

I have an accessibility need that is not addressed here. How can I learn more?

We’re happy you asked. If you have a specific need you would like to explore before applying please contact Senior Director Chris Ellis, who manages the Fellowship program. You can reach him at chris@masslbp.com.

How do I apply?

First, Candidates should complete the online form (found via the fellowship page) attaching a detailed cover letter and resumé. You will also need to provide contact information for a personal reference that can tell us about their experience working with you.

Your cover letter should indicate what you will bring to MASS LBP, why you’d like to work with, and why you’d like learn from us. Take the time to write a cover letter that is reflective of your personality. We place emphasis on your cover letter, rather than the length or details of your resumé. Tell us about your studies, past work or life experiences that you will bring to the Fellowship, what has motivated you to apply, and how you align with the ethos of MASS. Tell us about the ideas that interest you, which could be current affairs, public policy, civic design, or politics more generally. Lastly, tell us about the skills you hope to develop or experiences you hope to have while at MASS LBP.

We recommend that you watch this video about our work before writing your letter; it will give you a clearer sense of what we do and why we do it.

Second, we will also need one reference letter from a former employer, teacher, professor, or mentor. They must upload their letter online — see the ‘reference letter’ button on the main fellowship application page.

Application Process Dates

Summer Term:
Application process opens on February 15
Application deadline April 1
Term start May 1

Fall Term:
Application process opens on June 15
Application deadline August 1
Term start September 7

Winter Term:
Application process opens on October 15
Application deadline December 1
Term start January 7


For more information or questions about the application process, please email us at fellowship@masslbp.com.

Due to the volume of inquiries, please refrain from calling or dropping by the MASS LBP office.